Mobil Banking Software

Are you looking for a Software Opportunity in the USA, Canada, Australia or any other Country?

We are looking for an Exclusive Partner(s) to sell our Software for market distribution. Subject to a low initial advanced license order for exclusivity, all Partners will be represented on our web site and all inquiries and dealings in the Partners territory directed to them.

It is a great opportunity to quickly add a new revenue stream to any existing business or would also suit a start up with vision.

OPD has developed, patented, and commercialized SkyPro™, a breakthrough FastPay (“mobile Money”) system that provides mobile device users with a wide-range of secure financial transaction capabilities.

Through use of advanced mobile device, network and security technology, OPD delivers strong transactional protection and reduces the risk of consumer and merchant monetary and fraudulent losses.

OPD’s consumer benefits include the ability to instantly send FastPay as a gift, make instant payments and order merchandise by interacting with print advertisements and eCommerce sites. Benefits for merchants include increased sales, driven by mobile device marketing; improved security, elimination of PII (Personally Identifiable Information); and increased profit as OPD fees are lower than traditional credit card processing fees.

The Problem
The concept, design and technology used currently in existing mobile device payment systems is based on expensive, traditional credit card system processing techniques and costs. These systems adapt “hub and wheel” credit card processing designs that require support, and transaction-operations by and between multiple financial intermediaries. The system’s complexity increases cost. Consumers pay more in hidden charges for the “benefit” of using their mobile device to conduct a financial transaction. Merchants not only pay more to conduct a mobile device
transactions but also must use special credit card processing equipment.

The Solution
OPD’s effective “point to point” design replaces the multiple-components, complexities and costs of existing mobile device systems. OPD provides consumers with a secure, simple, easy to use, and lower-cost method for mobile device enabled transactions such as sending FastPay as a gift, and making instant payments transactions. With OPD, consumers can easily purchase merchandise from electronic media, in print advertisements and from merchants with automatic promotional and coupon discounts. OPD merchant POS(Point of Sale) devices use inexpensive commodity electronic tablet devices to conduct eBusiness. No other available product fully meet these capabilities.

Products: Most of the mobile wallets are limited to paying at the store or just transferring the money among registered users. In our wallet we will have a more diverse product line in order to capture a larger market share.

  1. Purchase with Scan: Purchasing a product by just scanning a barcode is an example of such product. Our system can enable a registered user to purchase the goods by just scanning a 2-D barcode on a printed media or on a digital media.
  2. Pay by Scan: Similar to the above we will have another product which will allow the registered users to pay the bill by just scanning a barcode. This bill could be a medical bill or a utility bill
  3. Documents: We will have a futuristic concept of storing your documents on the mobile phone making the wallet a real wallet. These documents could be insurance card, copy of driver license etc.

Pay for Service: We can have the wallet tie up with the local services in town and allow consumers to pay for these services from the mobile wallet itself rather than having them receive the bills and go to individual sites for paying their monthly bills.

All of the software has been developed and are ready to go, can be divided into individual components and customized just for you.

If you are looking for an exciting ready-made opportunity with the entire USA to go at then get in touch. Initial sales opportunities will more than cover low cost of exclusivity.

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