Hello world!

Technology has been ever moving and the future for it is passing by. The next big jump for your typical pedestrian is the end of desktops and laptops soon the only instrument will be your phone Рthat will be your computer. You will use a docking station, when necessary  and eventually your phone today will look much different tomorrow. The Smartphone may be less than an eighth of an inch in thickness very flexible and unbreakable or it could be an implant that each of us get at birth that will chronological document are everyday life and respond by voice or even thought commands.

You think today’s cutting edge 3D or hologram imagery is the future? No, as we write this Apple and Facebook speedily working on visual technology that only you would dream of as if it were magical. Automobiles are doing the driving robots are doing the working computers are doing the thinking where do we as living organisms go from here, its hard to imagine.¬† The one thing, as far as technology is concerned, software is constantly changing and maybe the one area we will not replace with are advancements.

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