Open Door Technology, Inc.(OPD), a innovator of cutting edge technologies and real-time, cross-language communication experienced in software and mobile Apps, the leading consultancy and collaboration agency for software and digital entertainment, we offer strong developers and a publishers platform that enables cost effective development. The Company

(OPD) is an organization whose vision is to create the finest productivity/education/entertainment software for individuals across the globe. The majority of our software products in development have been designed and created by our partnership with outsourced individuals.

It is also the corporation’s vision to develop software to improve information retrieval and in so doing to provide total freedom and access to stored information, regardless of the language used to create or search for the information. It is the company's vision to extend this capability beyond normal computing boundaries to include all types of digital media and print.

The Company is dedicated to developing a suite of mobile application products that are entertaining and most importantly educational. The Company will develop games, utilities and other traditional media into electronic versions “Apps” as well as creating new products. Mobile application development gained its momentum after introduction of such smart-phone technology, which not only aimed at providing sophisticated applications to its users but also possessed an artistic perspective.

The Company has a bank of trademarked products already licensed to the Company and is developing these products. The Company was founded May 2012, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and is a sophisticated software developer with several outside contractors. The Company’s founders and management consists of experienced marketing and finance personnel who have worked together in the past. The development team also includes experienced programmers and software designers who have worked with major platforms and some of the largest corporations in their field.

The Company will design, create and utilize access to content; whether owned or licensed, for the development of mobile phone applications, tablets and Web based applications. The products will be developed by outsourcing experienced key developers. Through our management team we can utilize our contacts to build a strong programming division. Outsourcing will lower the Company’s cost of development, we will take advantage of this.

The first component is internal new product development. The Company will develop its own software for its competitive market edge. The second component is external integration of Company products into potential business partners, browsers, email systems, websites, other wireless devices, applications, global telephone systems, directories, home entertainment devices and database packages. The third component is our existing agreements with known developed products.

The company's driving force will be to balance education and entertainment. Entertainment has been one of the worlds preeminent industries since software was made available to the world. In the United States alone, in the year 2009, 25.9 billion dollars was spent by consumers. With the introduction of mobile application software a new industry has come. This will be an expansion of greatness, with new ideas and will reach the masses like no other industry has before. In this rapid changing environment we will integrate education with a clear vision that will offer something for everyone.

The most appealing aspect of our company is that we are deeply rooted in education, we feel that educational products are attractive to all ages. The market for education software is limitless.

OPD represents some of the most prominent independent development in the software industry, OPD offers industry guidance for successful expansion in the software and mobile app Industry, and facilitates production needs to handle all aspects of bringing software to market through. By offering to its developer and publisher clients, OPD will continue to assemble a suite of best-of-breed software to shorten its time-to-market with the most competitive capabilities and features.Our team of professional staff come from first class back grounds, experienced software developers, marketing consultants, financing and operational logistics. We have the expertise!


"OPD TECHNOLOGY is an established software development Company and Strategic Partner in Software Creation and Concepts business delivering mobile development services of any complexity with more than 10 years of business experience. OPD has a strong team of skilled experts. Our challenge is to have in common goals with our partners and to share strong ideas in the market place. Our professional digital solution to generate revenue streams and streamline business operations."